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Paper Rainbow Craft

We’re a bit late to the party with our April season tree, since it’s now May.  April usually means April showers, but we decided we needed something more cheerful (not to mention easier to make!), and settled on rainbows. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but a quick how-to follows the pictures anyway. If anyone has any bright ideas for our May decorations feel free to share! Take seven sheets of coloured paper and arrange them in rainbow order. Cut into strips of equal width (ours were about 2cm) Trim the strips so that each is around 2cm shorter than the next. Staple the ends. Cover the staples with cotton wool (or white paper) clouds. Hang as a garland, mobile or branch decoration.    

Making a bird mobile

Today my daughter and I had some time on our hands while Mr LetsTryThisAtHome took our son swimming.  It was time to put my money where my mouth is, and make a start on my new vow to introduce the children to crafting activities.  But where to start? It needed to be something I could do with ‘assistance’ from a two year-old, whose initial enthusiasm to help was unlikely to be equalled by her attention span or fine motor skills. In our front garden (and, to be honest, all over our back terrace too) are piles of sticks that my son insists on collecting whenever we go for walks in the woods by our house.  They have been waiting patiently to be incorporated into a mini project. So the idea for the bird mobile was born.  It would use some simple skills that a toddler could help with, would not be too time-consuming, and – most importantly – would use up some of those sticks. We started off by selecting some sticks to use for the hangers, and some …