Month: September 2015

Brownie on a plate

Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies are hugely popular in the Letstrythisathome house.  They’re incredibly easy to make and pretty much foolproof, even with ‘help’ from the smallest chefs in the family.  The last time we made some, Chief Stick Collector announced that the mixture looked like Nutella.  Lightbulb moment! We added a large dollop of Nutella to the mixture, and waited even more impatiently than usual to see how they would turn out. Chief Stick Collector and Bird Girl were confident. I was tentatively hopeful. A very rainy Sunday afternoon was not the time to have to go out for more ingredients to make a replacement batch if it had all gone wrong.  But luckily, the random addition turned out to be not just as good as the original recipe, but, we thought, an improvement.  Light and flaky on the top but just the right amount of gooey inside, and really chocolatey.  This is now our go-to recipe for brownies. Ultimate Chocolate Nutella Brownies Ingredients 275g (10oz) butter, softened 375g (13oz) caster sugar 4 large eggs 75g (3oz) cocoa powder …