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A tree for all seasons

Before Christmas we made a a twiggy tree to hang decorations on. It was a good way to make use of the numerous sticks, twigs and pine cones that Chief Stick Collector and Bird Girl had collected throughout the year.

We had great fun taping sticks together into a vague tree shape, and then finding a way to make it stand upright (three L-shaped brackets from an old redundant curtain pole!).  Everyone was eager to help with winding large amounts of sellotape round the ‘trunk’ to hold it all together; but interest from my little helpers waned when it came to carefully wrapping it in twine to hide the tape; and they wandered off to build things with lego, which was probably just as well.

They soon came wandering back when it was time to decorate though, and after adding some home-made salt-dough decorations, as well as lights, pine cones and other bits purloined from our actual christmas tree, it looked very festive.


After Christmas it was still going strong, and we realised we would be quite sorry to take it down.  I had already been wondering where and how we would store it, when the children asked if we could keep it all year round.  So the idea of the season-tree was born.  We would keep it, and redecorate it each month, to reflect the changing seasons and holidays.  Who says you can only decorate your house at Christmas?

And so this week we decorated it for January. Which is pretty hard to do without making it look too christmassy. We settled on snowflakes for our theme, as we had some snowflake decorations left over from Christmas and a snowflake paper punch, which proved great fun for Chief Stick Collector.  Bird Girl contributed some cardboard tube snowmen that she had made before Christmas; and the first of our twelve iterations was ready!

Some months will present a more obvious theme than others (here’s looking at you February/Valentines and October/Halloween!), but we’re going to enjoy planning new themes and decorations for our little tree each month, and it will be a great way for Chief Stick Collector and Bird Girl to learn about the different seasons and holidays.


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